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Mary E. Davis

Holistic Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Counselor; Yoga Instructor

Over the past 10 years, Mary became passionate with health and wellness. After years of battling inexplicable health problems and seeing doctors, specialists and being diagnosed with just about everything – heavy metal poisoning, restless leg syndrome, autoimmune system disease, muscle mass breakdown, ovarian failure, she decided to turn to alternative healing. It was a constant battle for her trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle, she just wanted to feel good and have quality of life.

Her career was in the publishing industry in Manhattan for the past 11 years working on Luxury Lifestyle Magazines and Fashion Trade Magazines. She wore many hats – Director of Operations, Managing Editor, Project Manager and Advertising Director. While doing this Mary also attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan (the world’s largest nutrition school) and became a Certified Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Counselor. This was the start on her transition into the health and wellness field. She realized there were many other people suffering from all different kinds of health problems and became consumed with helping others. She believed in the mind and body connection and what an important role lifestyle and healthy eating were. She counseled others in what the Institute of Integrative Nutrition calls the ‘primary foods’ - The foods you eat are secondary to all the other things that feed your relationships, career, spirituality, exercise routine and finding the balance.

The journey continued for Mary and she decided to enroll into the Yoga Teacher Training program. She attended Starseed Yoga & Healing in Montclair, NJ and became a Certified Yoga Instructor. During this training she realized that one of her main goals in life was to help others. She explored many healing modalities that removed toxins from the body such as Detox Footbaths, Infrared Sauna and Mineral Body Wraps. Along with health counseling, yoga and lifestyle and food changes, all of these alternative modalites helped her in achieving balance and living a Zen lifestyle. Her goal is to help YOU live a Zen lifestyle with Zen’s The Way!

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