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ìLife is what happens while youíre busy making other plans. Plans are guidelines. Not regulations. If they donít fit the circumstances. Change them. The greatest skill isnít planning ahead, itís being able to adapt to lifeís unexpected obstacles and still look ahead with a smile." ñ John Lennon

Consultant Services

Mary E. Davis has 11 years experience in the publishing industry in Manhattan working for a mid-size magazine publisher. She wore many hats and has diversified experience working on luxury lifestyle, custom-published magazines, fashion trade magazines and fashion trade shows. Her positions included Project Manager, Operations Director, Advertising Director and Managing Editor.

She also worked on planning events, fashion presentations, business meetings, award dinners and many other functions.

Her business experience contributed to her launching her own company, Zen's The Way.

While working in publishing she had a shift in her interests and her passion became health & wellness. She still loves many facets of her past career and her skills and qualifications allow her to offer consulting services in Project Management, Event Planning, Editing & Proof Reading (websites, books, brochures, articles, company manuals, etc.), and Marketing/Promotions. She works with private clients and companies on short-term and long-term projects.

Let her help you make it easier to complete your projects Zenfully!

Clients Include:

Yoga School ñ Editing and proofing website, newsletters, manuals and assist in developing marketing plans and promotions.

Private Client ñ Promoting and marketing client in financial industry.

Private Client ñ Promoting and marketing client in launching a new business in gourmet industry.

Private Client - Editing and proofing manuscripts.